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        Dr. Flores started Body Vitality  and Wellness as an alternative to the traditional reactive manner in which we manage our health.  Through his 20 years of clinical practice and leading Disease Management and Health & Wellness Programs, he developed a Lifestyle and Integrative Health Program, known as the Body Vitality Program, which emphasizes wellness, disease prevention and identification of root cause and secondary contributors of disease.  His program analyzes your modifiable risk factors, current medical conditions, and lifestyle, through his proprietary wellness analytics tool to determine your Health Vitality Index (HVI).    Once your HVI is calculated, a customized Body Vitality Plan is

crafted for you which utilizes a holistic approach by addressing what Dr. Flores calls your "Five Pillars of Health"; your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Health.  Body Vitality & Wellness will serve as your vehicle and guide to planning, obtaining,  and maintaining health and wellness throughout your stages of life.

 In his role as Senior Medical Director of WebMD Health Services, Dr. Flores provided clinical oversight of the Health Coaching, Disease Management, Wellness, and Population Health Programs.  Let him customize a Body Vitality Plan for you to live your life the way it was meant to be lived..... with Vitality!

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       Body Vitality is an alternative healthcare option for those individuals dedicated to improve or maintain their health using an integrative approach combining traditional and alternative treatments options with emphasis on lifestyle.  We work directly with you on chronic disease management and promotion of health and wellness by addressing your physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health needs.  We perform a detailed analysis of your past and current medical history in addition to your lifestyle, behaviors and how each affect one another.  We utilize a proprietary health and wellness analytics tool to determine your Vitality Index, and then create a customized Body Vitality Plan for you.  We provide un-rushed and attentive visits which allocates ample time to attend to your most valuable possession.....

 Your Health!

Body Vitality addresses your current chronic disease and total health and wellness.  We focus on an array of health factors including diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, sexual health, and mood.  In addition, we offer aesthetic treatments and procedures to promote a confident outer appearance that will match the way you will feel within.  Body Vitality acknowledges the many environmental factors and lifestyle decisions we make which critically influence gene expression resulting in chronic disease or diminishing health.  The emerging science of Epigenetics is revealing that we may be able to proactively influence our DNA and affect positive gene expression leading to better health!


Vi   tal   i   ty

1.) the state of being strong and active; energy

2.) the power giving continuance to life



Arthur Flores, MD 

Dr. Flores is Board Certified by The American Board of Family Medicine.  He received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine.  His clinical practice has included Family Medicine with Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, and Aesthetic Medicine.  He has led Health Clinics, Aesthetic Clinics, Health and Wellness Programs, Disease Management, Case Management, and Population Health Programs.

Holly Uppencamp, RN, BSN

Holly received her BSN from Indiana State University.  She has practiced nursing in numerous settings over the past ten years.  She has focused on her passion of aesthetic nursing for the past 5 years.  Holly is very knowledgeable and experienced in both medical and cosmetic treatments.  Holly specializes in creating unique solutions for patients to help them their individual goals.  Holly's specialty  areas include treatment options such as laser  tattoo removal, with Picosure, laser hair removal with Candella Alex/Yag lasers, Botox fillers such as Juvaderm, and body contouring treatments with Coolsculpting.  She believes everyone has their own beauty, and she is here to help bring that out in our center.

Tricia Fox

Tricia Fox completed her Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner training at Functional Medicine University, and additional training at Institute for Functional Medicine.  She consults patients using Functional Medicine with an emphasis in Functional Neurology.  She is also currently pursuing her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine with expected graduation in 2018.  She is trained in root cause-resolution to illnesses including gastrointestinal and auto-immune disorders, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, adrenal problems, addiction, allergies, environmental toxicity, etc.  Her passion is helping her patients overcome anxiety, depression, and addiction issues naturally through neurotransmitter testing, balancing and through the use of vitamins, minerals and botanicals.


Appointment Types

Health Vitality  Intake

Body Vitality Plan Formation

Vitality Checks

Our Initial comprehensive intake will last about 90 minutes and will consist of completing a health assessment, viewing a video detailing the goals and objectives of The Body Vitality Program, a comprehensive physical exam , and obtaining additional evaluation for calculating your Health Vitality Index (HVI)

Our Body Vitality Plan follow up visit will last approximately 60 minutes and will review your HVI, and identify areas of focus identified through the Intake process.  Your Body Vitality Plan will be outlined and defined goals and objectives will be made.  

These are typically 30- 45 minute visits and address your progress with your Body Vitality Plan (BVP).  Results are discussed and recorded and additional updates may be made and incorporated into your BVP.



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